Tasks that Need to be Optimized in Turning Aircraft Around at Airports

Turning aircraft around at airports involves various ground operations (described below) that need to be accurately scheduled and flawlessly executed. The ground handling resources (manpower and equipment) required to execute these operations is expensive and the deployment thereof has to be planned, dispatched on time and continuously monitored.

Passenger Services inside airport terminals:

  • Check-in of passengers and baggage.
  • Receiving, transferring and departing passengers.
  • Consolidating passengers and their baggage.
  • Providing Customer Services.
  • Providing flight, advertising, directional and other types of information.

Ramp Services include services on the ramp or apron, such as:

  • Aircraft marshalling - guiding aircraft into and out of the parking position.
  • Towing of aircraft with pushback tractors.
  • Preventing aircraft from moving while parked using chocks.
  • Draining of lavatories with specialized lavatory service vehicles.
  • Refilling water tanks with portable water trucks.
  • Handling of air cargo using cargo dollies and cargo.
  • Handling of luggage using belt loaders and baggage carts.
  • Refueling of aircraft with refueling tanker trucks or refueling hydrant systems.
  • Supplying ground power using ground power units.
  • Providing hydraulic power to an aircraft externally using hydraulic mules.
  • De-icing of aircraft using de-icing vehicles.
  • Unloading of unused food and drink from the aircraft, and the loading of fresh food and drink for passengers and crew using catering trucks.
  • Cleaning cabins and replenishment of soap, pillows, tissues, blankets, etc
  • Transporting passengers on the apron using buses.
  • Embarking and debarking passengers from aircraft using stair cases and bridges
  • Loading and unloading of disabled passengers in wheelchairs using wheelchair lifts.
  • Starting of engines with jet air starter units.

Tugs and tractors are used to move bag carts, mobile air conditioning units, air starters, lavatory carts and other equipment.

SEETEK S.A is familiar with all the headaches in running airports and we have reliable airport management tools to keep you in control and help you accomplish these complex tasks. The SEETEK Airport Management Solution is directed at optimizing and controlling all ground handling operations in servicing passenger aircraft between the time it arrives at a terminal gate and the time it departs on its next flight.

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