Services & Support

SEETEK S.A. is an experienced and knowledgeable master systems supplier and integrator and we can assist you to maximize the benefit when investing in modern airport information technology including the hardware/infrastructure. Turnkey solutions are designed, acquired, installed tested and supported based on the requirements of the Airport. This includes the SMART Systems, hardware required for local/wide area networks (LAN/WAN) and structured cabling. We guarantee more streamlined ground handling operations, faster turnaround of aircraft, lessening congestion at the airport and tightening security.

SEETEK S.A. offers turnkey Airport Information Technology Solutions and have the knowledge, resources and capably to support the solution during its full life cycle. Our range of services encompasses all steps required to create a fully integrated and complete airport management solution as follows:

Design and Engineering

SEETEK follows a strict design methodology and engineer individual systems to ensure assure appropriate standards of completeness, functionality, availability and reliability and to deliver state-of-the-art systems meeting the specific requirements of your airport.

It also includes:

  • Requirements Specification – Analyze requirements, carry out surveys, perform feasibility and technical studies.
  • System Design Specification – Specify airport operational and management systems and the integration thereof with each other and with external airline operator and other systems.
  • Network Infrastructure Design Specification – Specify data, voice and video distribution architecture.

Installation, Commissioning and Operations Consulting

This includes procurement, coordinating logistics and supervising all installation and commissioning work. Our project managers and consultants prepare detailed project plans and ensure that technical specification, governmental/compliance and customer’s requirements and milestones are met throughout the complete duration of the project are that it completed within budget.

SEETEK S.A. also works closely with a network of knowledgeable local companies to perform some of the installation work. These partners ensure that your installation complies with local standards and codes and they are conveniently available to provide support and perform maintenance as required.

SEETEK S.A. will perform and ensure adequate testing of all the airport information technology systems and make sure that they function according to specification and that communication networks are functional, and that redundancies are verified properly.


Operating procedures and training programs are prepared for airport staff involved in the systems implementation and integration. All the necessary knowledge, instruments and assistance for proper use during normal and emergency operations are provided. SEETEK S.A. also provides end-user training for airport operators and systems administrators to ensure the Airport get the optimum benefit from introducing the intelligent SMART SEETEK Airport Information Technology Solution.

Maintenance and Support

SEETEK S.A. monitors the performance of your Airport Management Solution and performs preventive and corrective maintenance support remotely or onsite as needed. We have the ability to identify and correct any irregularities or malfunctioning of the solution. Our qualified technical support engineers and network of reliable partners deliver continuous maintenance and software support for your integrated system around the clock. SEETEK S.A. also provides the expertise and support to ensure that your airport is compliant and adhere to all governmental and International Air Transport Association (IATA) regulatory procedures and operative practices. We provide direct phone support is provided 24/7.

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