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SEETEK S.A. is a specialist in creating and managing precisely tailored airport Information Technology architectures with a proven track record in providing cost effective turnkey airport management solutions to improve efficiencies and reduce operating costs at your airport. Our solution guarantees more streamlined operations, faster turnaround of aircraft and less congestion at the airport, cutting operating costs.

We offer a comprehensive set of SMART Systems that fully addresses the ground handling operational management needs at your airport. Within the SEETEK S.A. Airport Management Solution information is shared between application systems across a multitude of different hardware platforms, operating systems, wide/local area networks and the Internet keeping you and your airport staff informed of what is happening at your airport and in control. Our “expert” capabilities within the SMART Systems provide you with intelligent decision making support to ensure uninterrupted and optimized ground operations and reducing your headaches in running your airport. SEETEK offers failover technology that guarantees 100% uptime with no loss in data.

SEETEK S.A. offers a complete portfolio of products and integrated systems

SEETEK S.A. offers a complete portfolio of products and integrated systems to improve and optimize airport operational and management process as follows:

SEETEK S.A. has the technology to ensure that all the other SMART Airport Management Systems are operational and we guarantee the uninterrupted operation of the Airport with no loss of data during a disaster. Our Fault Tolerance Option (SMART/FTO) technology automatically manages a SMART system fail-over through a redundant hot/stand-by server framework. The SMART/FTO ensures a high performance virtual mirroring connection between a couple of SMART servers, thus providing uninterrupted operations and continuous availability to the vital information services. It also has a logical server to allow a transparent application failover, where any external client or third party application can reach the current master servers anytime, without knowing which of the two servers is actually providing the service. Therefore all data within the SMART Systems are duplicated locally or remotely for more peace of mind and disaster recovery.

We are committed to providing the best possible automated turnkey integrated airport management solution with robust, flexible reliable software and hardware architectures designed to meet your specific needs and to your complete satisfaction and that provide a return on your investment. SEETEK S.A will help you to redefine how you operate your airport not only by providing consistent IT solutions but also increasing your awareness on new practices to improve efficiency and streamline airport ground operations.

SEETEK S.A. will work with you and your tenants to determine and satisfy your operational and technical needs within your budgetary constraints. You have total flexibility in choosing the SMART System configuration that is right for your airport. Although SEETEK offers a wide range of fully integrated airport systems through it affiliate SPEA Airport Systems in Italy, we will make sure the proper systems and technologies are acquired that leverage your existing investments and that seamlessly integrate all airport operational and management processes; even if we need to use another vendor.

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