Passengers and Baggage Processing Systems

The SMART Airport Passenger and Baggage Processing Systems deal with the processing of passengers and their luggage at the Airports. These systems enhance the airport experience of the passengers and provide a high standard of service to airlines, airport authorities and ground handling agents.

The Airport Passenger and Baggage Processing Systems are made up of the following systems:

SMART Airport Departure Control System (SMART/ADCS)

The SMART Airport Departure Control System (SMART/ADCS) is a modern standalone check-in, boarding and passenger reconciliation system and provides quick and accurate check-in of passengers with their baggage, board and reconciles passengers. The flights on a specific day are imported into SMART/ADCS directly from the local Airport Operational Data Base System (SMART/AODB). All information concerning imported flights such as departure times, reasons for delays, routings, etc. are automatically updated in real-time keeping the operators completely up to date with accurate flight information.

The SMART Airport Departure Control System is used to:

  • Check-in and boarding of passengers at Airport.
  • Identify passengers that are prohibited to fly or require additional screening.
  • Check-in of baggage.
  • Determine if all the checked-in passengers have boarded.

The SMART/ADCS fully addresses the new security concerns and requirements as follows:

  • Certified for and interfaced with the APIS & APIS+ of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and UN/EDIFACT.
  • Downloads the TSA approved "No Fly" and "Selectee" list.
  • Interfaces with Baggage Reconciliation System (SMART/BRS) to ensure baggage security.
  • Follows the mandated check-in procedures of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) of the United Nations.

Terminal links to conventional airline-owned hosts are expensive while nearly all of the information is locally available at the Airport. The SMART Airport Departure Control System is a cost-effective and complete solution for Airports to avoid the excessive third-party costs. The SMART/ACDS is targeted at the low cost carrier and point-to-point airline market and is also suitable for airlines without their own departure control system.

SMART Airport Baggage Reconciliation System (SMART/BRS)

SMART Airport Baggage Reconciliation System (SMART/BRS)
The SMART Airport Baggage Reconciliation System is a fully automated baggage management system that uses the latest technologies to ensure the continuous routing, tracking and complete reconciliation of baggage at Airports and guarantees that passengers and their luggage are on the same flights. The SMART/BRS directs baggage from check-in counters to airplanes, between airplanes and from airplanes to baggage carousels.

The SMART/ADCS issues the bag tags with bar codes at check-in. Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) workstations enable baggage handlers to scan the bar-coded tags and determine the current position of a particular bag in real-time. The SMART/BRS provides baggage sorting systems with the bag identification data required for baggage sorting to minimize miss-sorts. It tracks baggage from flight check-in/transfer to departure and monitors the loading/unloading of bags. This enables baggage handlers and management to monitor progress in the baggage loading/un-loading processes at aircraft to identify potential problems and bottlenecks and take corrective actions as needed. It allows staff to validate bags and reprint damaged bag tags and print bag loading manifest at any time.

The SMART/BRS matches for each flight every bag that is checked in or in transit against boarded passengers and produces baggage reconciliation manifests that show any mismatches between passengers and luggage to identify bags that need to be unloaded if a passenger did not board the flight.

The SMART Airport Baggage Reconciliation System meets the needs of any modern airport and reduces operating costs by streamlining the baggage handling process and optimizes the utilization of baggage handling resources. It reduces the number of bags that is directed incorrectly and reduces departure delays and baggage claims from Airlines.

SMART Common Use Self-Service Check-In Kiosks (SMART/CUSS)

The Common Use Self-Service Check-In solution provided by SEETEK S.A. is the next generation of self-service check-in devices/terminals available at airports today. Airlines/airports rely on SMART/CUSS for the fast and convenient checking-in of passengers by themselves at check-in machines/kiosks using their tickets, credit or loyalty cards. SMART Common Use Self-Service Check-In Kiosks allows for check-in of both passengers and their luggage, regardless of which airline they are flying with. Airports/airlines can therefore reduce the total number of kiosks required and their overheads by using shared SMART Common Use Self-Service Check-In Kiosks.

SMART/CUSS uses the IATA CUSS standard defining uniform interfaces for airport applications to access the peripheral devices within a kiosk and supports numerous printers, readers and other devices. SMART/CUSS allows airports/airlines to provide self check-in facilities without using systems provided by airport authorities or handling agents, which might not be the most cost-effective solution and compatible with their host computer systems.

SMART/CUSS is an “All-in-One” modular kiosk housing integrated and compartmentalized components in a compact design including a printer, touch screen, barcode reader, card reader and passport reader. The modular design of SMART/CUSS makes it easy to maintain (exchanging of components) and extremely cost effective.

SMART/CUSS devices are already present in over 300 airports and used by amongst others Delta and United Airlines and are provided by a leading company actively participating in the IATA CUSS Management Group and the definition of the CUSS standards.

SMART Common Use Passenger Processing System (SMART/CUPPS)

The SMART Common Use Passenger Processing System is a cost effective solution that enables multiple airlines and their handling agents to access their respective airline applications in real time to check-in and board passengers at check-in kiosks and gates. With SMART/CUPPS the airport authority no longer needs dedicated passenger check-in facilities and each check-in location/workstation is equipped with hardware for common use. With SMART/CUPPS more passengers are processed through the same area improving service levels and optimizing the use of limited terminal infrastructure.

The Common Use Terminal (CUTE) System emulates each airline’s host system and all applications that are available on the host system are seamlessly accessible through each SMART/CUPPS workstation.

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