Flight, Baggage and Passenger Information Display Systems

The SMART Flight, Baggage and Passenger Information Systems deal with processing, distribution and display of flight schedules, baggage, commercial and airport information to passengers/public and airport personnel.

The Flight, Baggage and Passenger Information Display Systems include the following systems:

SMART Flight Information Display System (SMART/FIDS)

The SMART Flight Information Display System (SMART/FIDS) is a cost-effective and flexible state-of-the-art multi-media display solution that uses the latest Information Technologies to virtually display any kind of content in any form, including text, audio, video, images, animations and movies on monitors and other display and sound devices. The SMART/FIDS is easily configurable and automatically collects flight-related information, organizes it according to preset graphical and paging formats and disseminate to keep passengers/public, operational staff, airport management, ground handling agents, airlines or anyone else informed. The Flight Information Display System presents, accurate information on the status of flights, boarding times and gate/baggage belt assignments at check-in desks, boarding gates, baggage sorting carousels, arrival and departure areas as well as other location as needed.

Displaying real-time information to the airport staff at distributed locations is a critical component of the SMART/FIDS. The SMART/FIDS also plays a key role airport safety and provides directional information for airport evacuation in case of an emergency or security alert. The solution is also used to make information available to anyone else with a direct interest and can be used to display information on the website of the airport.

The SMART/FIDS displays the following flight information that could also be entered manually:

  • Flight Schedule Information
  • Block On/Off Times (aircraft arrives in blocks/pushing back from block)
  • Passenger and Freight Information
  • Check-In Desk opening/closing times
  • Departure Gate opening/closing times

The SMART/FIDS allows information to be displayed via any LAN/WAN network. Information from the Airport Operational Database System (SMART/AODB) is used to independently update all monitors in real-time when the information is updated in database. By installing the Fault Tolerance Option (SMART/FTO) the SMART/FIDS can be configured with automated load-sharing and redundancy on multiple servers to provide built-in reliability. Each display device is continuously monitored and the proper functioning of each peripheral controller is verified from authorized workstations.

SMART Baggage Information Display System (SMART/BIDS)

The Baggage Information Display System is a subsystem of the SMART Flight Information Display System and displays accurate information on the status of flights, boarding times and gate/baggage belt assignments to passengers and the public on monitors and other display devices at the baggage carousels and any other location where needed.

The Baggage Handling Information System displays pertinent information at:

  • Baggage carousel for arriving passengers
  • Arrival/departure baggage drop-off/pick-up points to the baggage handlers and tug drivers to identify and route baggage to arriving and departing aircraft positions.

SMART Advertising System (SMART/ADV)

The SMART Advertising System is the complete, high-powered multimedia display solution for Airports to provide information to the passengers and public. Content display can be scheduled to change dynamically to accommodate different target audiences by location and time of the day.

The SMART/ADV can be used to:

  • Provide static and/or dynamic Airport advertisements for products and services such as taxis, car rental, shops, restaurants, etc.
  • Provide information on Airport services.
  • Provide Airport public safety and security announcements.
  • Broadcast weather forecast as well as sports, political, economic and other news.
  • Provide any other information as needed.

Information can be displayed at check-in counters, departure gates, baggage carousels, VIP/business lounges, waiting lounges, snack bars and refreshment stands. The display of information is through the Flight Information Display System (SMART FIDS) on standard FIDS and dedicated monitors.

The Advertising System gathers display history by client for invoicing through the Billing System (SMART/BILL). The SMART/ADV creates a lucrative revenue generating opportunity for the Airport to sell advertising and informational services, yielding a return on investment.

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