Advantages of Deploying Integrated Airport Management Solutions

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Your Airport has to deliver cost-effective services to airlines/agents and passengers and generate adequate revenues to cover your expenses on a continuous basis. This is crucial for your Airport to survive as service provider in the current turbulent and competitive airline industry. You need a flexible and intelligent airport to sell to your clients. The key factors in achieving success are your ability to:

  • Always be informed and in control.
  • Turnaround aircraft faster.
  • Efficiently deploy and optimize the utilization of your costly airport recourses.
  • Maximize the throughput of passengers through the airport system with minimum delays at critical service points.
  • Effectively accommodate adjustments in flight schedules and changes in the availability of airport resources.
  • Program the display of information to passengers and the public.
  • Cope with security alerts and emergencies.
  • Generate timely and accurate operational information to support management decision-making.
  • Fully integrate with external systems and exchange data between internal airport systems.
  • Consolidate and secure your data.
  • Keep your systems up all the time and fully recover all when disaster strikes.
  • Generate revenues from advertising and other services.
  • Be able to correctly and timely bill airlines/agents for services provided.
  • Pro-actively plan for future growth and expansion.Receiving,

These needs can only be fully satisfied by the SMART Systems like ours that use the latest Information Technologies. Meet the new challenges airports are currently called to face… we can help!

SEE how our SMART Solutions affect your bottom line…

Your investment in our Airport Management Solution will yield a return since it leads to:

  • Improved services to airlines/agents – Attracts new clients!
  • Improved service to and throughput of passengers – Handle more flights with the same resources!
  • Optimum use of key airport resources – Reduce your costs!
  • Complete multimedia displays – Generate advertising revenue and promote airport services!
  • Get you bills out faster – Improve your cash-flow.

THE SEETEK Airport Management solution is modular, upgradeable and expansion-friendly – Buy what you need now and expand later! With a solid return on investment … You can’t go wrong!

SEE our TEK – The SMART alternative!

Your investment in our Airport Management Solution will yield a return since it leads to:

Our SMART Systems are really SMART and use comprehensive expert rule engines and sophisticated algorithms to optimize, resolve conflicts and provide decision support. The highly configurable graphical user interfaces (GUI) and charts contribute to user-friendliness and enhance the experience of the users. Operators can use the systems concurrently from any authorized workstation.

Our SMART Solutions are modular in design and easy to expand. We fully integrate with airline reservation systems, other external systems and in-house legacy systems. We also integrate with your current operational systems that deliver similar functionality to ours.

When you buy the SEETEK Airport Management Solution it is your property that you could use for many years to generate revenue. Our user-friendly installations have proven reliability and some of our clients have been with us for more than 15 years. Our 24 hour support hotline will help you to resolve any issues that you may experience.

See you can be SMART too – Contact us today to find out how SMART! Become one of our SMART SATISFIED Clients!

Our commitment to client satisfaction is our trademark and building long-term relationships our top priority. We aspire to exceed our customers’ expectations every time and that’s why so many airports rely on SEETEK to take care of all their airport management needs.

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