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Services & Support

SEETEK is an experienced and knowledgeable master systems supplier and integrator maximizing the benefit of your investment. We have the resources and capably to support your solution during its full life cycle. Our range of services encompasses all steps required to create a fully integrated and complete solution.
Design and Engineering

Seetek designs systems suitable for your airport, analyzing technical requirements, designing integrated systems and network infrastructure.


Staff training for systems implementation. Help and tools are provided to help you get the most out of the introduction of the SMART SEETEK Airport Information Technology intelligent solution.

Installation, Commissioning and Operations Consulting

Procurement and coordination of logistics, commissioning and supervision of legal compliance, technical specifications, budget, but also customer satisfaction. Installation, maintenance and functionality test.

Maintenance and Support

Performance monitoring and preventive and corrective maintenance, even remotely. The support of our qualified technicians is guaranteed  24/24. Support to ensure compliance with IATA.

Contact Information

    SEETEK S.A. is a specialist in creating and managing precisely tailored airport Information Technology architectures

    SEETEK S.A. offers a complete portfolio of products and integrated systems.


    Why Choose Us?



    Cost reduction

    Technology & Innovation

    Our SMART Systems are really smart! We take functionality beyond human capability. Our systems use comprehensive expert rule engines and sophisticated algorithms to optimize, resolve conflicts and provide decision support. Our high technology systems are stabile, reliable, modular in design and easy to expand.